NL – April 2013

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Conference and Vision 2020 Banquet

It has been just over two months since our amazing Regional Center Conference and Vision 2020 banquet (Feb. 7-9). It is hard to believe all that has transpired since that time. First of all, Lisa and I wanted to thank so many of you for attending one or both of those events. We were so humbled by the gracious hospitality of The Rock Church, the generosity of our partners and friends, and the amazing testimonies of our regional center leaders from around the world. We surely experienced rich fellowship and some very impactful times of ministry. A number of the most important messages from the RC Conference have been posted on our ISOM Resource Blog website at Please register there to get updates and to listen to those sessions that have been posted on the site.

Thanks to the generosity of many of you, Vision 2020 is taking on a life of its own. One church recently raised the funds for 27 sets of equipment to be placed on the mission field. The many sets that went back with missionaries after the RC Conference are already doing a wonderful job on the field. The new solar backpack is much lighter and more reliable than the previous battery system. Recently we shipped the first Vision 2020 for the country of Mongolia. Others have gone into the Philippines, Haiti, Mozambique, India and Nepal, just to name a few. Please consider taking a Vision 2020 set with you on any future missions trip you have planned, especially as you organize outreaches this summer.



Recent Trip Updates


Soon after the conference I headed for Brazil, where we launched a number of new ISOM schools and ministered for 10 days. We also entered into negotiations with Pastor Silas Malafaia concerning ISOM becoming the basis of a massive training initia- tive through their ministry. He has been on national television in Brazil and around the world for more than 30 years, and our initial discussions have been very promising. Please continue to pray that these plans will bear great fruit for God’s Kingdom, as the potential to impact Brazil is very large.

RC Conference 2013 

Sharon at ALFC

2013 RCC Delegates

New Solar Backpack

Pastors at ALFCNew 2020 set redesign, now lighter and more efficient

Launching ISOM in Brazil

Pastors Billy & LizaBerin meeting with Pastor Silas (center) to launch ISOM in Brazil


Self-sustaining town supporting 300 orphans
through various businessesBulembu

5,000 Graduate in China

Peter in PeruDr. Steve Kobernik (center) in China with network
leaders for China schools

Faithful Servant

Peru QBI'sRev. Josh Hoerger and his family

Bulembu – Swaziland

Following Brazil, Lisa and I travelled to South Africa and the nation of Swaziland where we met up with Chad and our videographer and TV producer, Paul Black. Paul and I then shot the remarkable story of Bulembu, an abandoned mining town in Swaziland that has been turned into a giant outreach to over 300 HIV and AIDS orphans. What is remarkable about the story is that the entire town belongs to a Christian ministry that uses all of our ISOM materials to undergird their training needs. They have also developed 7 businesses in the town as sustainability projects to help provide funds for the children.To view the promotional video for this amazing project go to:

South Africa Progresses

Chad and I ministered to a wonderful group of young people. Chad then went into the schools and churches to do outreach meetings in South Africa and Swaziland. Much larger meetings are planned for later in the year in the city of Capetown. Please pray for the preparations of those meetings.


Another 5,000 China Graduates

On Easter Sunday, over 5,000 more ISOM students were graduated inside China. This is the fifth major graduation, and the alumni now reach into the tens of thousands. Fuller Theological Seminary graduate, Dr. Steve Kobernick, and his wife Linda, represented ISOM at the graduation. Steve and Linda have been Bible teachers and key intercessors for years. It was a blessing for them to witness the fruit of their prayers at this event.

Another person working in China, reported at our RC Conference that his daughter had distributed over 12,000 sets of our Mandarin YouthBytes material there. Now she is working to distribute up to 14,000 sets of our WOW curriculum there as well. We were able, from Vision 2020, to contribute 1,000 sets of WOW to her efforts. We continue to be awed by what God is doing in that amazing country.

Goodbye and Thank You

It is with sadness that we say goodbye to one of our most faithful and trusted employees, Josh Hoerger. Josh has been with Good Shepherd for more than 14 years and was recently offered a significant position by the University of California, Riverside. We wish Josh and his family well as they make this important transition.

We recently learned of the deaths of Dr. T.L. Osborn and Dr. Dan Fountain. We are so blessed to have recorded many of their life messages in the ISOM and CD BOKS.

Keep Praying and Helping

Finally, Lisa and I want to encourage you to keep up the communications with us on I call Lisa the “Pastor of Facebook” because she ministers to so many daily through her posts and personal words of encouragement. Please continue to support us at Good Shepherd, especially as we enter these upcoming summer months. Thanks for your prayers and for your love and financial gifts. They are bearing fruit all over the world.

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Many Blessings,

Berin, Lisa and the entire Good Shepherd Ministries Team