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Dear GSMI Partner,

I know many people at this time of year are bombarded with cards, emails and updates, making it difficult to find time to read through them all. To help everyone this year, we have made ours more like a picture book with lots of photos. Enjoy!

ISOM School of the Year

Our first photo honors Abundant Living Family Church (ALFC) in Rancho Cucamonga, CA pastored by Diego and Cindy Mesa (middle right). This church has not only partnered with us to establish ISOM and Vision 2020 all over the world, but they have also developed one of the finest ISOM schools in the USA. This has happened under the able leadership of ALFC’s Dean of Education, Sharon Takaha (top photo). Sharon has trained 16 facilitators, an Associate’s Degree director, a Bachelor’s degree director, a Spanish director and 3 administrative support managers (all volunteers). They have had 6 graduations and graduated more than 350 students. Their church runs just about every module of training that ISOM has released, and we recorded their Nehemiah Business School to create our new Business Training School (BTS) program. Thanks ALFC for inspiring others with your training vision.

Indonesia and Beyond

The photo below shows the sanctuary of Christ Cathedral in Indonesia where I preached in early November. Over 100 came to Christ in the services. The day before Lisa and I attended a beautiful wedding in this sanctuary. It was the wedding of the daughter of our friends, Billy and Liza Sindoro (right), who are pastors at this amazing church and who helped to build it. This has been a busy year of travel. Members of our team have traveled to Lebanon, New Zealand, Ukraine, South Africa, Swaziland, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Colombia, Brazil, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand and Burma. It is not over yet, as I still have one graduation left in mid-December with Samoan churches in Sydney, Australia. Hundreds of new ISOM schools have been launched worldwide, and we have reached the stage where keeping track of ISOM school and student numbers, especially in persecuted nations, has become almost impossible. What an excellent problem!

Sharon at ALFC

Sharon at ALFC

Pastors at ALFC

Pastors at ALFC

Pastors Billy & Liza

Pastors Billy & Liza


Christ Cathedral Indonesia

Challapampa, Peru

Challapampa, Peru

Peter in Peru

Peter In Peru

Peru QBI's

Peru QBI’s



Kevin In Haiti

Kevin in Haiti

Vision 2020 Update

Our first Vision 2020 update comes from our Regional Center (RC) leader Peter Wollensack in Peru. Currently six communities in the Lake Titicaca region (highest lake in the world) are being reached by Vision 2020. A second set of Vision 2020 equipment is now being requested and will be supplied in 2013. The first photo shows Challapampa, where a new Vision 2020 center has recently been established. Missionary Peter gets to these remote areas on his dirt bike, and is shown in the second photo demonstrating the Vision 2020 equipment to some national leaders.

The next photo on the boat comes from a completely different region of Peru where another RC leader, Walt Wood works among the Quechua people. Walt explains:

The man holding the pack is Pastor Teodoro. He has an ISOM school, we call them QBIs for Quechua Bible Institutes, running in his church. He also has about 8 or 9 church plants in the deep jungle. Over 20 students are studying there. They meet once every three months for 8 days and knock off a full trimester each time. By 2013 they will finish all of the ISOM and then each of 8 young pastors, that are among the 20 or so students, will then start a QBI in his own church.

Finally, some photos from Kevin Groder in Haiti. These photos show him using Vision 2020 with medical clinic patients as they wait to see a doctor. Kevin (bottom in red) writes: I expect the Vision 2020 program to be an integral part of my work in Haiti.

It is portable, has a self-sustaining power source with the solar charger and utilizes excellent teaching professionals. The mountains of Haiti are home to some of the poorest of the poor and I plan to use these units in some of the remotest areas. The Vision 2020 plan is a powerful tool for bringing critical teaching, for both body and spirit, to these people.

Since launching the Vision 2020 program just over a year ago in October 2011, more than 100 complete equipment units have been provided for use in more than 40 nations with content in at least 33 languages. Vision 2020 not only enables us to bring materials to remote places, but also to translate materials into unreached languages. The program enabled us in 2012 year to translate 1,357 sessions of ISOM content into new languages and 1,063 sessions of note material. Thanks to all those who have participated in this program to reach the poor and unreached. We believe God will enable us to sow at least an additional 20 equipment sets to our Regional Center (RC) leaders at our February 7-9, 2013 RC Conference. Many more than 100 will hopefully be sent out in 2013.

Bend in the river
In the past few months, I have felt led to revisit two strategic locations that have meant a great deal to the formation of our ministry and its vision. The first place was the bend in the river in Red Bluff, California where I visited a small church called Abundant Life
Fellowship pastored by Rev. Elmore Heitman and his wife, Doris (insert left). Back in 1990, God led me to that remote place and a wonderful saint of God, Sister Confidence Klotz (insert right), prophesied over Lisa and I clear direction to start Good Shepherd. Although Sister Klotz is now in heaven, that little church has faithfully supported Lisa and I for more than 20 years, and I went recently simply to say thanks. The bend shown in this photo of the Sacramento River was mentioned in a prophecy God gave through Sister Klotz to Berin and Lisa in the 1990s. Sister Klotz had a home overlooking this part of the river.
ISOM Article by
Steve Strang of Charisma Magazine

The photo (left) shows Steve Strang and I at a NRB Conference in Nashville, TN and was published in an article by Steve Strang in November about ISOM and Good Shepherd Ministries. This was sent worldwide through Charisma publications and was wonderful exposure for what we do. The article was titled, “The Biggest ‘Ministry Impact’ the Secular Media Never Heard Of.” Read the article at

The second location I visited was Abbott Loop Community Church in Anchorage, Alaska. It was a book about their church that inspired the ISOM vision of turning local churches into training centers and then into church-planting centers. Over the years, under the leadership of Apostle Dick Benjamin (insert top right), they sent out over 2,000 members in teams to plant new churches. The new Abbott Loop pastors are a dynamic young couple, Josh and Joni Tanner (insert bottom right). Their church building in March, 2012 collapsed under the weight of snow. After 9 months of having to meet at strange times in the buildings of other Anchorage churches who rallied to their aid, they were able to move back onto their campus in November. I went up to preach at their dedication service. I believe our relationship with Abbott Loop is meant by God to be strong and significant. They plan to start an ISOM school in 2013, and I am grateful for all I learned from this church that is today so much a part of the fabric of our vision.
Fallen Building

YouthBytes Chad Daniel has seen huge progress with our YouthBytes vision and has preached to tens of thousands of young people live in close to 100 outreach meetings this year. We start airing YouthBytes this month of December throughout the Spanish-speaking world on Enlace, the largest Christian, Spanish-speaking TV network in the world. Chad already has lined up 14 massive outreach weeks in 2013 in Brazil and South Africa, and we will go nationwide in Brazil on TV next year. This past month of November, Chad, Paul (cameraman/editor) and Max (Chad’s son and new YouthBytes sidekick) shot in Cambodia a new YouthByte episode on Destiny and Calling. The DVD promises to be just as crazy and impactful as the last 25.

Special Invite


Every 18 months we gather our Regional Center Leaders from around the world to a special 3-day Conference (February 7-9) in California. If you are a pastor, a partner or a prayer warrior, you are invited to be a part of this event. All are also invited to the banquet (February 9th at 6:30pm). Register online today at


Paul in Cambodia


Chad & Max in Cambodia

Family Update

Finally some personal news. The photo alongside was taken at Sea World a few months ago. Christina (the one in the white hat who is 24) is in her second year at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia doing extremely well. Jessica (21) is studying hard through Vanguard University to be a preschool teacher and Anthony (25) is working in Atlanta, holding a steady job while also developing a sound recording studio. Lisa is preparing to take on the responsibility as an early childhood director on top of all her other ministry responsibilities. Good Shepherd is planning to launch an incubator Christian-based Montessori preschool in mid-2013 at the Oak Valley property we purchased a few years back. Our goal is to create an outreach to the community and also a place to train teachers from around the world to use education to reach out to preschool kids. More about that exciting venture in future letters.

All that is left is to thank all of you who undergird our family, Good Shepherd and our work around the world. Please put our team photo somewhere that reminds you to pray for us in 2013. Thanks for your ongoing prayers for us and for your financial support of what we do. I hope from this newsletter that you can see your seed in our lives is not lying dormant. May God multiply that fruit back to each of your lives and your families. Merry Christmas to you all and God’s richest blessings for 2013.

Berin, Lisa and the Whole Good Shepherd Ministries Team


Berin, Lisa and the Good Shepherd Family

Good Shepherd