December 2014 Newsletter


December 2014 Newsletter

Dear Good Shepherd Ministries and ISOM Family,

What a great year this has been. Lisa and I again have traveled the world strengthening the ISOM vision and all our ministry programs. We have ministered to ISOM graduates in Kuwait, underground church leaders in Hong Kong, to orphan children in Swaziland and other places too numerous to mention. God helped us in October to pull off the most successful Regional Center Conference we have ever had with speakers like Reinhard Bonnke and The Heavenly Man, Brother Yun. On the YouthBytes front, Chad Daniel and Paul Black released five stunning new YouthBytes DVDs. We cannot complain about all the wonderful fruit God has been giving Good Shepherd all over the planet.

In some ways we may have become victims of our own success. Because of our faith and optimism, sometimes people get the impression we don’t need help. The truth is that we don’t have a strong monthly partner base, really a small, but faithful Gideon’s army, but not as many as Gideon. Please remember we mainly are supported by offerings and not the tithe because we are a para-church ministry. Out of respect for our partners, we try to do only limited numbers of fundraisers and appeals and yet we are under girding a team of 25 paid people and a global ministry spanning 146 nations and over 70 languages. How we continue to survive is miraculous.

So as we celebrate the passage of another year and the birth of Our Savior, Lisa and I do ask you to look through this new brochure on all that Good Shepherd does. We are one of the most fruitful places to put your eternal seed into. Please consider sowing into us in your end of year giving and please pray about becoming a monthly partner in 2015. Whatever you decide to do, please put our new Good Shepherd photo up on your Desktop and remember to pray for our whole team throughout this next year. We truly covet those prayers as Lisa and I so often feel like we are on the front lines of massive spiritual warfare in the work that we do.

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