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Drs. Berin & Lisa Gilfillan

Thanks so much for visiting this partner/donate/pay page. Dr. T.L. Osborn used to say that without resources, ministries die. Lisa and I consider the stewardship of every cent of finance coming into Good Shepherd Ministries, International to be a sacred trust. We handle these resources in the fear of God and are enormously appreciative of those who entrust us with funds. Even finances that come in to pay an invoice for goods and services are extremely precious. The first “Donate” button is for those who have set up an account with us, those wanting to set up an account for regular giving, or for those wanting to pay directly from their bank account or through a credit card. The PayPal option or second “Donate” button is simply a convenient option for those wanting to use PayPal without setting up an account. Thank you in advance for entrusting us with your donations and payments and thanks especially to those who partner with us monthly in the global vision God has given us.

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