Ministry Module

Conquering The Sin Nature
Dr. Berin GilfillanF1
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It was in Dr. Berin Gilfillan’s’ heart that the Lord put the vision for the ISOM. In this session, he shares how he gained personal victory over the thoughts of the carnal mind. This revelation took him 13 years to discover.

  • Conquering the Sin Nature
Renewed Like The Eagles
Dr. John BurnsF3

Dr. John Burns pastors Victory Christian Centre in Vancouver, Canada. He also hosts an international television program called Family Success. In these sessions, John shares leadership principles from the lives of eagles.

  • Live Like an Eagle
  • What Makes an Eagle Majestic?
Dynamic Preaching
Rev. Brick CliffF5

Rev. Brick Cliff is an Elim-trained minister and missionary who has powerfully used the ISOM vision to impact many nations with training. This course is in response to a demand from developing nations for material on preaching and teaching.

  • The Need for Dynamic Preaching
  • Character and Anointing
  • Illustrations and Sermon Topics
  • Organizing and Writing a Dynamic Sermon
  • Altar Calls and Outlines
Practical Points For Ministry
Dr. P.G. VargisF7

Dr. P.G. Vargis leads the Indian Evangelical Team. He is on of the most prolific church planters in India. In these sessions, he shares many of the leadership and personal principles that govern and guide his life.

  • Vision and Settings Targets
  • Leading by Example
  • Leadership Principles for Growth
  • A Minister’s Marriage

The Heart Of Ministry
Rev. John BevereF2

Rev. John Bevere reaches millions of people each year through books, live meetings and his Messenger TV broadcasts. In these sessions John opens his heart to tell how he maintains his personal walk with God.

  • Capturing the Heart of God
  • Cultivating an Excellent Spirit
Community & Gender
Dr. Gilbert BilezikianF4

Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian is perhaps best known for his role in mentoring Willow Creek’s pastor, Bill Hybels. As a professor at Wheaton College, he has been a profound force in advocating true community in the local church.

  • Community in Creation
  • God’s Intent through History
  • The Cross and Community
  • Relationships in Community
Prophetic Foundations
Dr. Keith HazellF6
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Keith and Jeremy Hazell lead a prophetic teaching and activating team. They have prophesied in many different lands and operate Antioch International. This ministry serves to activate local churches in prophetic ministry. Keith and Jeremy taught this course to provide balance to weird teachings and abuses about prophetic ministry found in many parts of the world

  • Importance and Value of Prophetic Ministry
  • Types of Prophetic Ministry
  • New Testament Prophets
  • Releasing Prophetic Ministry in the Local Church
  • Hearing the Voice of God
  • Judging Prophetic Words
  • Receiving and Responding to the Prophetic
  • Prophetic Gatherings in the Local Church
  • False Revelation
  • Stepping Out
Hearing God’s Voice
Dr. Mark VirklerF8
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Dr. Mark Virkler is the founder and president of Christian Leadership University, which has a strong relationship with the ISOM. He has authored more than 60 books and teaches in these sessions how to hear God’s voice in a practical way.

  • Introduction
  • Four Keys to Hearing God
  • Tuning to God’s Flow
  • Two-way Journaling