NL 04-2014


April 2014

Dear Good Shepherd and ISOM Friend,

2014 has begun with powerful ministry in the Ukraine, Kuwait and China. More of that below, but first a HUGE announcement:

Reinhard to Minister at Regional Center Conference (Oct. 1-4)


Through a supernatural chain of events, we have been able to secure Reinhard Bonnke to speak at this year’s Regional Center Conference. I have asked him to do a legacy impartation service like I witnessed him doing in Africa and Europe years ago. I also want Reinhard to meet those doing ISOM around the world and hear first hand the fruit of his teaching through ISOM in many nations.
In addition to Reinhard we are working to get the Heavenly Man from China to minister to our delegates at the RC Conference. We also have secured some very strategic leaders from Seattle, Erik and Sandy Van Alstine, to speak. The Van Alstine’s have greatly helped John and Lisa Bevere’s ministry, and we trust they will help us with strategy, structure, motivation, goals and marketing. We believe their input will encourage all of us to go to the next level in our work for God.
Since announcing Reinhard’s confirmed attendance and putting it on our website, we have seen a surge of registrations for the RC event. Reinhard has agreed to attend a special breakfast with our delegates the following morning. Those who register for the RC Conference will have priority seating, but please do not wait to register, as seating for that special breakfast will be limited to those who register first for the event. The Conference is open to all ISOM Regional Center leaders, pastors, facilitators, students, prayer warriors and Good Shepherd Ministries supporters.

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Berin ministering to hundreds of ISOM students and leaders

Encouraging ISOM Students in a Tense Environment

Encouraging  ISOM Students in a Tense Environment

Pastor Gary Hornsby and Berin holding a Ukrainian flag

China ISOM Conference

China ISOM Conference

Hundreds of Chinese leaders from many nations gather in Hong Kong

Reinhard banner

Kuwait Women’s Conference

Kuwait Womens Conference

Lisa speaks to hundreds of ladies in the heart of the Middle East

Eleven Years of Graduations in Kuwait

Kuwait Graduation

The left shows the past 18 graduations in Kuwait. Above Lisa, and I next to ISOM RC leaders Martin & Loi Banting. Below, 72 new graduates

Meeting the Leader of 10 Million Chinese Believers

Berin, Adam, and Zang Rongliang

Adam Liu, Zang Rongliang and Berin in Hong Kong

Already this year I have been in the Ukraine and with Lisa in Kuwait. The Ukraine trip was done even in the midst of great political tensions in the country. Another Southern California pastor, Gary Hornsby, and I strengthened the leadership and members of a group of 25 churches under the banner of the International Gospel Center. We had a powerful three days of ministry to about 1,000 people in the southeastern region of the Ukraine. Please continue to pray for the Church in the Ukraine as they navigate many challenges in the midst of a changing and often difficult political climate.
The trip to Kuwait was for Lisa to minister to about 260 ladies from across the spectrum of the different churches and people groups in Kuwait. We also got to participate in the 19th ISOM graduation in 11 years in Kuwait under the amazing leadership of our RC director, Pastor Martin Banting. This brings our total graduates in Kuwait to over 1,000 students from 11 language groups and includes more than 50 different people groups.
Hong Kong
Finally, Lisa and I ministered in Hong Kong in March to Chinese leaders from around the world. I got to meet, for the first time, with Zang Rongliang, the leader of Fang-Cheng, the largest Underground Church movement in China. They have graduated over 13,000 leaders through the ISOM. The testimonies from the 64 leaders who attended our gathering in Hong Kong were very heartening, and told of how ISOM has brought unity, maturity and strength to the movement. I am grateful to Pastor Adam Liu of Christ Kingdom Ministries for the wonderful partnership we have in training tens of thousands of Mandarin-speaking leaders all over the world. I want to close this newsletter by really encouraging you to sign up for our RC and Missions Conference on October 1-4. We expect it to be a powerful gathering where the vision, the blessing and the legacy of what ISOM has to offer is fully imparted. We also want you to please remember us in your giving. As we go into the summer months, we enter our most challenging season as a ministry. We recently had to cut back the hours of many of our staff, and we are really trusting God for our partners and friends to financially undergird us at this time. If you received a good tax refund check this year, or even if you didn’t, please consider doing something to help us.

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