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Dear GSMI Partner,
Just before Thanksgiving I celebrated my 52nd birthday. A brief Facebook comment from my wonderful bride, Lisa, produced more than 300 likes and over 200 comments. It was humbling, but it also drove home what a fantastic group of friends and partners we have. It is your love and support that has made 2013 a very special year. Lisa especially does an amazing job updating friends and partners daily on Facebook. You can friend request us at


Lisa and I traveled this past month to Cuba to encourage our Regional Center leader, Bob Tidd, and the ISOM work there under his hand. We were grateful to be granted religious visas and were able to minister at a public ISOM graduation. We also were privileged to speak openly to the 18 ISOM coordinators and their spouses, as well as to the four supervisors who have overseen the training of over 5,000 ISOM students. We were so proud of this amazing team, which has achieved so much with so little resources. The couple using one of our Vision 2020 backpacks in Cuba shared how they had shown ISOM resources to over 2,500 people over the past year using that one set of equipment.


Prior to being in Cuba, Lisa and I spent two weeks in Israel producing a documentary on how Christians worldwide can bless the Holy Land and the Jewish people in practical ways. That documentary will be released in January, and it will be available for free on our website. It was a profound and moving experience to be in Israel for this work. We covet your prayers for the editing of this important piece.

Berin and Lisa in Cuba

Berin and Lisa in Cuba

Bob Tidd Cuba

Bob Tidd and the Cuban Leaders

Berin and Lisa at Wailing Wall

Berin and Lisa in Jerusalem at the Wailing Wall

Pictures from Israel

Graduation in Cuba

Graduation in Cuba

Graduation in Samoa

Graduation in Samoa

Graduation in Costa Rica with Papa Gill

Graduation in Costa Rica with Papa Gill

Chinese Delegation with 160 Diplomas

Chinese Delegation with 160 Diplomas

ISOM Online Now for Mobile Devices

ISOM Online Now for Mobile Devices

Congratulations to ISOM Graduates

Over the past few months, we have had graduations all over the world. Lisa and I did one in Cuba, and then I flew almost immediately to Samoa for one there. Dr. Gill followed up with another one in Costa Rica, and we have had postings to our Facebook site from many other nations.

Congratulations to some of the first graduates of our Bachelor’s program. We hope next year also to graduate students from the new Master’s program that ISOM recently started offering.

While on the subject of graduations, we had a delegation visit our office in early December from the Shandong province of China. Shandong lies between Beijing and Shanghai. Over four years ago a pastor began training 300 leaders using ISOM materials. In 2012, revival broke out in his church. He recently brought 2,000 more pastors to a conference in his church from 10 cities in the Shandong province to “catch the fire”, to bring revival and to teach those churches how to use ISOM training. The delegation from that church had us pray over the 160 diplomas they were taking back to ISOM graduates. They told us of great miracles happening through the ISOM training including a group of 18 couples who had been infertile, most of them for more than 10 years. When these couples graduated, 17 of them held babies in one hand and an ISOM diploma in the other.

New Releases

New releases from Good Shepherd include five episodes of YouthBytes. One is on traps, two are out of Cambodia and deal with the call of a young person, one uses spiders to deal with lying and one involves deep sea diving. Another exciting four-part teaching series also just became available by Dr. Clyde Rivers. It is called “God and Government,” and deals with how Christians should relate to governing officials and become ambassadors for Christ. More about how to get these can be obtained through our website.

ISOM Finally available for mobile devices

ISOM Online can be now be viewed on tablets, iPhones, and most standard portable devices. To sign up for online training, please go to
Starting in February, we also will allow churches to register online students through their own ISOM portal. These ISOM Portal Schools (IPS), will give churches great flexibility in providing options to students. Churches will be able to have both ISOM onsite students as well as online students. This will allow each local church to enroll students from anywhere in the world and facilitate their training. Again, we are pushing the envelope of technology without violating our foundational philosophy of making leadership training primarily a church based function.

2020 Backpack
2020 Philipines
Vision 2020 Update

We want especially to thank all of those who continue to support Vision 2020. These solar-powered backpacks are doing an incredible job on the front lines, and we can hardly keep them in stock. Just in the past two months we have seen four packs go to Swaziland, two to the devastated area in the Philippines, one to Russia, one to Thailand, two to Sierra Leone, one to Liberia, another one to Cuba, two to India and one to Tanzania. Those are just the countries that immediately come to mind. One American pastor who took three Vision 2020 sets into West Africa wrote:

“Our brothers and sisters in Monrovia, Liberia and Freetown, Sierra Leone were super excited to learn how everything worked in the
Vision 2020 systems. What a wonder! The Lord has really given you a divine strategy and a well thought-out tool.”

Take the 2020 Challenge

Please share the website with others and continue to help us get these amazing backpacks to needy parts of the world. We have heard of Sunday school and children’s church classes sponsoring $1,600 backpacks. They have also become sponsorship projects for youth groups, women’s ministries, ISOM schools and individuals. Please consider making a New Year’s resolution to believe God to finance a backpack to the poor, from you to the nations, in 2014. At the minimum, please take the 2020 challenge and believe God for $20 a month for 20 months. It is such a do-able program. If we all participate, so much can be achieved.

RC Conference 2014 to Have Major Expansion!


We would like all of our WOW and ISOM students, prayer partners and friends to mark the dates of October 1st–4th, 2014 on your calendar. These are the solid dates for our next Regional Center Conference (RCC).
For the first time ever, we are opening the event worldwide to ISOM and WOW students, pastors, facilitators and partners. Jim and Deborah Cobrae, pastors of The Rock Church and World Outreach Center (, generously have opened their entire campus, as well as their main 2,700-seat auditorium to us. This will enable us to present a powerful missions conference along with the RCC event and it will also include our Vision 2020 banquet on Saturday evening October 4th. We ask that you pray about joining us for this special 4-day event.

Family Update

On September 14th, Lisa and I proudly hosted our daughter Jessica’s wedding to Ian Couch. Ian is a wonderful young man and the newlyweds are helping to oversee our Calimesa campus property. Ian has chosen to take the Gilfillan family name. We wish Jessica and Ian Gilfillan many happy years of marriage! Our oldest daughter Christina is in her final year of law school and is currently doing a Semester of classes at Tel Aviv University in Israel. She hopes to take the California State Bar next summer and is planning to spend her final Semester of law school in Washington D.C. – We are proud of her progress.

Thank You

Lisa and I just want to thank all who pray for us and stand with us financially. It is literally a miracle month-to-month how we survive at Good Shepherd. We refuse to use any fundraising gimmicks. Since we are not a church we don’t get the tithe, and we have a very small donor base. Our end-of-year photo shows the beautiful team we have. We believe God for all of their salaries and benefits, in addition to maintaining significant operating costs. In 21 years we have never missed a payroll, and we pay all our bills on time, but it is always a huge warfare. We have seven prayer meetings every week. I have to say that the end of November was the most difficult payroll we have had in more than two years. We know God supernaturally sustains us, but He uses precious ordinary people like yourself to do so. Please know that what we do is vitally important to God’s harvest all over the world, and what you do to help plays a critical role. Please consider us in your end-of-year giving and in your stewardship planning for 2014. Finally, please put our photo on your refrigerator, and remember to pray for our ISOM team daily.

Merry Christmas and God’s Richest Blessings for 2014!

Much Love in Christ – for the Nations to be Discipled,

SignatureBerin, Lisa and the Good Shepherd Family
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