NL May 2012



May 2012

Dear ISOM Family, Partners and Friends,

Summer Savings and Seminar Specials

I want to launch this newsletter with an exciting summer offer. From May 1 to July 31, for the first time ever, we will be offering 20% off any foreign language M2 (Trimesters 1-5 schools) off the normal $875 price. This is being done to encourage you to “bless a missionary”, leave it abroad after your short-term mission trip, or help an underprivileged nation. In addition, during these same 3 months, we are offering 20% off on all seminar courses. Seminars include such series as Seven Mountain Strategy by Lance Wallnau,
Sexual Wholeness and Healing by Doug Weiss and
Navigating Betrayal by David Sumrall. There are also many other outstanding speakers listed under the
seminar section of our website. Seminars are perfect to run for groups or personal study during the summer, and now they’re even more economical!

Two Graduations

I am writing this from New Zealand (NZ) where I held a graduation for 60 Samoan students. They are part of the Worship Center network, headed by Pastor Viliamu Mafoe. His worldwide church planting movement has embraced ISOM to develop their leadership. With over 20 of their churches using ISOM, they continue to see great fruit with its graduates. Two days before leaving for NZ, Dr. Gill and I did a wonderful graduation at the River’s Edge Church in Southern Calif. Included among the 27 graduates were the amazing pastors, Gary and Debbie Hornsby. In a microcosm, these two graduations represent the more than 100,000 graduates ISOM now has around the world.

New Pathway Modules

More and more, ISOM students are taking advantage of our new Pathway to a Bachelors program. Until now, students could choose to complete 5 from 8 different Modules. We are now excited to announce five additional Modules. First, Vision’s Supernatural Architecture Module is finally available. This includes a marvelous Greek in a Week series by Dr. Ken Chant and a counseling course by Vision’s president, Dr. DeKoven. Second, we have added a Christian Apologetics Module with teachers Josh McDowell, Robert Coleman and J.P. Moreland. Third, we have built on our current Understanding Islam Module with an advanced, 43-session Muslim Worldview Module. Finally, ISOM students can now take our Business Training School program worth two Pathway Modules. Students will not only get training on how to start a small business but will also gain two Modules towards their Bachelors award.

Samoan Graduates in NZ

Pastor Viliamu Mafoe addressing the 60 ISOM Graduates
River’s Edge Church, Southern California

Dr. A. L. (Papa) Gill addressing and encouraging the graduates

Jeremiah & Leah Owen’s 2020 Excursion

Vision 2020 Thailand and Burma Trip – by Jeremiah Owen

One of my duties at ISOM is to prepare the Vision 2020 sets before they get sent to remote areas all over the world. At the beginning of April, instead of handing the packages just for shipment, my wife and I had the opportunity to personally deliver 9 of the Vision 2020 sets into the hands of leaders in Thailand and Myanmar. It amazed me how hungry these people were for the Word of God and how vastly needed the Vision 2020 Plan is. We drove to remote villages guarded by the military, who are restricting the residents’ access to the main city because the government has refused citizenship to them. I found myself face to face with these forgotten people, the people for which the Vision 2020 Plan was created.

When we handed them the Vision 2020, we were told, “Next time you come, bring at least 20 more!” They were so hungry, that they grabbed hold of the Word and began to spread it! In fact, one training center started their first Vision 2020 class before we even left!

God confirmed in my heart that no amount of food, clothing, or monetary gifts will suffice in reaching these remote places; it is the proliferation of the Word of God that will heal their land. The best gift we could ever give them is to leave the Vision 2020 sets in the hands of people so they can, “…go and make disciples.” We left knowing that what we put in their hands will have eternal impact!

Lisa and I just want to thank all of those who continue to
pray for us at Good Shepherd and for those who generously support our efforts with finances. Please continue to help us especially as we enter the often-difficult summer months. We are so thrilled to see all the fruit ISOM continues to bring forth around the world and know you will partake with us of the rich eternal rewards through your prayers and giving.

Much love – for the nations to be discipled,

Lisa and the entire
Good Shepherd Team