NL – September 2013

September 2013



Dear GSMI Friend,


As I am writing this letter, I am in a hotel room in Istanbul, Turkey listening to a radio show streaming via the Internet being done with our YouthBytes’ Chad Daniel in Cape Town, South Africa. At the same time I am communicating back to our office in California via IM. What an amazing world of technology we have. As we enter the fall of the year, Lisa and I wanted to give you a brief quarterly update on the progress of Good Shepherd Ministries.


Launching of a Pathway to a Masters Degree through ISOM

Increasingly, ISOM students have requested a way to get a Masters of Ministry degree. We are excited to announce that we now have established the requirements and secured the agreements with Vision, Christian Leadership University and Covenant Theological Seminary to offer this new award. and we have ironed out all the requirements. Students will need to complete 3 additional modules of training, submit 9 book reports and do a Master’s thesis to obtain this degree. Complete details and costs can be found at:


Chad and YouthBytes Storm Cape Town

The whole month of August, Chad has been doing outreaches in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. This has meant dozens of meetings in area schools, with radio shows and evangelism meetings at night. Chad also has done some Life events, tackling the issue of teen suicide. Hundreds of young lives have been impacted for Christ including this one:

Hello Chad, I was the boy that spoke to you about making peace with my father. Well it felt like God told me it’s time, well I made peace with him right now and feel relieved because I know my side is clean and that I did the right thing. Thanks for listening and giving me the right advice. I just got a message back from him which said he respects me and that he still loves me and that’s all I wanted to hear! I thank the Lord for send- ing an amazing and awesome person such as you to cross my path. Thank you for everything and for the difference you made in my life. 


Berin and Lisa in Samoa

Berin and Lisa at the annual Worship Center Conference in Samoa

Master’s Program

Pathway to a Masters Program

We are please to announce the launching of the new Master’s Degree Program

Chad in Cape Town

Chad in Cape Town

Chad ministers with Snake-man Donnie at a Cape Town school assembly

Berin and Lisa in Samoa

Berin and Lisa spoke here in Samoa to a global delegation of Worship Center leaders

ISOM Worldwide


Every summer there are hundreds of graduations & ISOM related meetings worldwide. Here are some Berin and Lisa attended recently

Vision 2020

Vision 2020Berin presents a Vision 2020 set for Liberia to Pastor Pitts Evans of Whole Word Fellowship in Virginia

Family Update

Family Update

Lisa, Jessica, and Christina help cheer up Lisa’s Father, Tony, after his loss

Graduations, Graduations, Graduations

This has been a season of wonderful graduations and international ministry assignments. They have included meetings in Samoa, Can- ada, Switzerland, France, and in the USA. I must not forget Turkey where I am speaking at a Holy Spirit Conference headed by, Larry Mills, our ISOM coordinator for the country. There will be leaders from other countries of the Middle East at the event, including a pastor from Cairo who has two ISOM schools running even in the midst of great persecution and turmoil. We will be graduating 11 ISOM students. This is a huge number, considering that, out of a population of 80 million, there are only a few thousand known Christians. Some recent significant ISOM graduations have been:

-Evangel Temple in Toronto under Pastor Gary Beesley

57 Graduates

-Iglesia Doral in Miami under Pastors Frank and Zayda

56 Spanish Graduates

-The Rock Church Riverside School of Ministry

27 Graduates, who defined the word “enthusiasm”

-Bethel Church in Montreal, Canada.

19 Graduates

Congratulations to all those who recently have been graduated from ISOM, especially the many I have not mentioned.

Vision 2020 Keeps Sending Solar Backpacks Worldwide

Since our Regional Center Conference in February, ISOM has pro- vided over 50 backpacks to different parts of the world. Some of the places backpacks have been going include Egypt, Haiti, Liberia, India, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda, the Philippines, Swa- ziland and Zambia. The feedback from these new solar-powered systems has been fantastic. They are durable, and they get the job done. Thanks to all who sow into Vision 2020.


Death of Lisa’s Mom, Mary Jane

Thanks to all of you who prayed and helped Lisa through the recent loss of her mother. Lisa spoke on the phone to her about 15 minutes before she died. It was a sober reminder of how fleeting life on this earth can be. Lisa and I took the girls to Michigan for the funeral, which Lisa and I conducted. Many of Lisa’s family were greatly touched at the funeral. Christina and Jessica also spoke, and they were a great help in supporting Lisa’s father, Tony Amicarelli, through this loss. One consolation is that Grandpa Tony will now get to attend Jessica’s marriage to Ian Couch on September 14th, which amazingly would have been Tony’s 56th wedding anniversary to Lisa’s mother. We are planting an orchard and vineyard in her honor.

Thanks to Such Faithful Partners and Friends

All that is left to say is thank you so much to all who love us and pray for us. We truly had a supernatural summer, miraculously making it through without any cuts or reductions in hours or pay. I truly believe part of the reason is Vision 2020, as we have set our hearts on the poor. The other factor obviously is all of you who pray and give to Good Shepherd. May your reward be amazing in heaven. Please continue to help us.

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Many Blessings,

Berin, Lisa and the entire Good Shepherd Ministries Team