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October 2012Dear ISOM Family, Partners and Friends,Following our 2010 Regional Center (RC) Conference, I received the most unusual letter from a missionary couple who were attendees at the gathering. The letter contained a remarkable prophecy received back in 1997 from a pastor in the Midwest whom they had never met.

“I see Him (God) giving you a key, and He wants you to take that key back to China because it’s going to open up a floodgate. I saw just floodgates opening up bringing down walls, but not city walls, walls around men’s hearts. And it’s going to affect people from the peasant right up to the political realm of China. I see walls starting to come down in China that all the human suffering is going to start coming to an end. And He’s going to give you a key to opening up that floodgate when you get back there. It’s something that no one’s ever brought back to the people. Things have been tried in the past, and they haven’t worked. It’s seems like a very difficult country sometimes to minister in. But He’s going to give you a key that’s going to open up the floodgate that’s going to bring millions of people. I don’t see hundreds. I don’t see thousands or tens of thousands. I see millions of people. Lives changed because of what you’re going to bring back…”

That key was the ISOM and God supernaturally had 100 VHS tapes dropped at their door within a month of their return to China. ISOM now is affecting literally millions in China. The sharing of this prophecy happened as a result of our 2010 RC Conference. It is difficult to describe what happens when frontline missionaries, pastors, ISOM students, business people and partners come together. The friendships and partnerships forged are rich and powerful. I share this to encourage you not to miss the upcoming RC Conference February 7-9, 2013. Please register today on our website and if you can’t make the whole conference, please attend the banquet on Saturday, Feb 9th at 6:30pm.

Although Lisa and I attend many ISOM graduations, most are done by others who take the initiative to use ISOM in their own church training programs and missions’ ventures. Here is a testimony from Chris Gondringer, the missions director of a local California church.


Vision 2020 for the DR Congo

Berin presents Vision 2020 set to Pastor Michel


YouthBytes on TV in South Africa

SABC Cameraman with Chad’s Iguana


Thousands Reached with the Gospel

Chad preaches at a South African school with Eve (snake)

Prophecy regarding China

“He’s going to give you a key to open up that floodgate…”


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Join us for the 2013 RC Conference & Vision 2020 Banquet


Uganda Convocation

Chris Gondringer (front center) with 117 ISOM Graduates


Three years ago, our Pastor Ken Spicer of New Creation Church in Beaumont, CA invested in the ISOM and we took it to leaders of the World Outreach Missionary Foundation (WOMF) in Seguku, Uganda. We found the right person to oversee this, which was the man who interpreted ISOM into the Lugandan language. He had just retired and offered a location on his property for the first school. It was a small brick building with a tin roof, previously used to house chickens. From this humble beginning the work began. That first year, we graduated 57 students. This August, my wife and I had the privilege of attending the 2012 ISOM Graduation with a total of 117 graduates from three churches. We heard wonderful testimonies from former witchdoctors and professionals from all walks-of-life, including lawyers, teachers, government employees, pastors and missionaries. Many gave moving testimonies of how ISOM had forever changed their lives.

Within weeks of this Uganda graduation, Lisa and I were in Kinshasa, DR Congo attending a graduation of nearly 60 French-speaking leaders. The excitement was palpable as they danced, blew whistles and rejoiced for over 2 hours. The following day I presented a Vision 2020 set to our leader in the Congo, Michel Dianga. It will be used for at least four schools in that country, the poorest nation on earth. The testimonies of how God is utilizing the Vision 2020 equipment continue to encourage our hearts. Eternity will tell the full story, but join us also at the RC Conference or banquet to get a glimpse from the frontlines.

Finally, in South Africa during September, we joined Chad in doing outreach meetings to tens of thousands of youth in 23 schools and 9 crusades. The news reached the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and they did a report on a school outreach. Their cameraman also got a taste of YouthBytes. 14 follow-up viewing centers have been established and three more outreach trips are planned for next year. We literally saw thousands of young people touched with the Gospel message! On another front, we just signed a license agreement with Enlace and Enlace Juvenil (youth programming), two of the largest television networks spanning most of the Spanish-speaking world. They soon will start airing JovenBytes (YouthBytes in Spanish) on those networks. Additionally, in October we finished mastering our full 40 episodes of YouthBytes in Mandarin. Praise God!

Thanks to those who continue to stand with us in the ISOM vision. Please don’t stop helping us with your prayers and giving. Heaven alone will reveal your reward.

In Christ’s Love, for the Nations to be Discipled,

Berin, Lisa and the Entire Good Shepherd Team