Pathway to a Bachelors Degree

Testimonies worldwide from ISOM students and schools have been staggering. The original 5 Trimesters (now the ISOM Core) continue to strengthen and grow the Body of Christ in many languages and nations, and new Regional Centers representing ISOM open nearly every month. The vision to turn churches into training centers, and then into church-planting centers, is taking root across denominations, church movements, and even people groups.

With this success, and with tens of thousands of ISOM students who have now graduated from the ISOM Core, many have asked for more revelation teaching that will help them deepen their faith. It is this demand, coupled with a mandate from God to mature His Church that has compelled us to develop new materials beyond the original ISOM Core.

Pathway to a Bachelors Degree Program

Over the last few years, ISOM has recorded more than 100 new sessions of material, plus we have partnered with other key equipping ministries to bring 9 new Modules of material into our ISOM lineup. Each new module has been designed with a similar structure and layout as our original five ISOM Core Trimesters. These new 32-session Modules may be similar structurally for ease of use, but are different from the original ISOM Core in that many of them explore a specific area of ministry, or are the teachings of a single ministry leader.

In addition, as students and leaders proceed down this advanced path of training and discipleship, a Bachelor-level degree is being offered by our current partner institutions: Covenant Theological Seminary, Christian Leadership Seminary and Vision International University.

These new Modules, in conjunction with partnering ministries and training institutions, provide ISOM graduates worldwide with a Pathway to a Bachelor’s degree, and a means to lay hold of their calling in a new and practical way.

Participating in the Program

We encourage any ISOM school or individual student to complete the Pathway to the Bachelors Program.

Pathway to a Bachelors requirements:

  1. Completion of the ISOM Core (Tri. 1-5).
  2. Completion of an additional 5 Modules.
  3. Submission of all fees, grades and degree requests to ISOM’s USA office.

You need to take:

Plus any 5 of the following:

Ministry Module †
This module is the recommended starting point for all those entering the Pathway to the Bachelors program. Without question, it contains some of the strongest materials that ISOM has yet produced, and brings forth vital messages from veteran teachers. Presented with practical wisdom and Spirit-led insight, topics include: how to prepare a sermon, hearing God’s voice, the role of prophecy and the prophet in the New Testament, and capturing the heart of God for ministry.
Ministry Module
Maturity Module †
Miracle Living Module †
Dr. A.L. Gill, lovingly referred to by many as “Papa Gill”, has been a favorite teacher of ISOM students worldwide through his teaching on Supernatural Living in Trimester 1. The demand for more revelation teaching from him has been enormous – and now ISOM students get 32 new, dynamic sessions! In one course, God’s Provisions for Healing, he demonstrates how to pray for the sick in an extraordinary and practical way. This entire module is taught in Papa Gill’s vintage supernaturally-natural style.
Miracle Living Module
WOW Essential Module †
Women of the World was originally developed to equip and train women around the world, but many of the courses were also relevant to men. Drawing from the two WOW modules, WOW Essential chooses content that is relevant both to men and women, including life-messages from Darlene Zschech, Joyce Meyer, Marilyn Hickey, Pat Harrison and Gloria Copeland.
The original WOW Volumes 1 & 2 are also eligible toward a degree, though students may complete either 1 and/or 2, or Essentials, but not all 3, since Essentials contains courses from both Vol. 1 and 2.

WOW Essential Module

Messenger Module ‡
John Bevere is not only a best-selling, prolific author, but is also a well-respected teacher. His few courses in the ISOM Core have had a lasting effect on students worldwide, showing his heart to equip and train believers globally. When he heard about the Pathway to the Bachelors, he wanted to provide further impartation into ISOM students. This module includes 3 classic Bevere series: Extraordinary, Driven by Eternity and Breaking Intimidation. The teachings were produced by Bevere’s Messenger International ministry.
Messenger Module
Messianic Module ‡
It is highly recommended that ongoing ministry students have the opportunity to understand the Hebraic roots of their Christian faith. Who better to spearhead this emphasis than Rev. Perry Stone and his Voice of Evangelism ministry? Using amazing and creative props, Perry Stone and others make Jewish and Biblical history come alive. Additional courses were also recorded and added by ISOM to round out this fascinating new module.
Messianic Module
Understanding Islam Module ‡
Probably the greatest challenge facing Western Christianity and world missions is the rising influence of Islam. i2 Ministries, headed by Dr. Joshua Lingel, has produced an apologetics training resource for Christians to engage Muslims. Condensed from i2 Ministries’ own program with over 90 hours of university-level teaching, we have consolidated the top 10 teachers into a 30-session module. The goal is to equip Christians to effectively reach Muslims for Christ, providing understanding and answers for many common questions.
Understanding Islam Module
Apologetics Module ‡
Nation-2-Nation Module ‡
This exciting module includes contributions from some of the finest instructors from Elim Bible Institute in Lima, New York. The courses bring forth revelation in the areas of marriage and the family, personal loss, victorious living, and a wonderful overview of the Book of Romans. World Impact Now (WIN) Ministries, headed by Brick Cliff, produced this series.
Nation-2-Nation Module
Business Training School Part 1 ‡
Business Training School provides cutting-edge small business training, infused with sound teaching from the Bible, to launch a business venture effectively. The curriculum is designed and taught by experts in the field of small business development. It guides entrepreneurs through the many challenges that may be encountered on the road to becoming successful business owners. This Module includes the Prerequisite Module as well as Module 1 and Module 2 of the BTS Program.
The BTS modules must be completed consecutively if these modules are selected, all other modules may be taken individually and in any order

Business Training School Part 1

Business Training School Part 2 ‡
Spiritual Intimacy Module ‡

Pricing – Per student per module

All prices are based on our current ISOM catalog model with price breaks at 10 and 20 students. Prices are per module per student.

† ISOM Modules

  • 1+ $90/student plus $175 DVDs
  • 10+ $100/student = free DVDs
  • 20+ $95/students = free DVDs

‡ Partner Modules

  • 1+ $90/student plus $175 DVDs
  • 10+ $100/student = free DVDs
  • 20+ $95/students = free DVDs

Bachelor transfer of credit fee – $200 ea.

Getting a Bachelors

ISOM Modules transfer seamlessly to three of our partner institutions. These schools have agreed to the above fee structures and the requirements for their degrees on the adjacent panel. Our partner institutions have agreed to recognize the ISOM Core plus 5 additional Modules to be equal to their respective Bachelors Programs, as long as their specific requirements are met.


In the United States, the ISOM does not function as an accredited training school. Rather it supplies curriculum materials for churches and other ministries to run their own training programs.

When ISOM materials are utilized in a training capacity according to a prescribed manner, then the course material can be submitted to certain schools and universities which may or may not accept the training for transfer credit.

Currently, all partner institutions issuing credit for ISOM studies at a Bachelors degree level are NOT accredited by a US Department of Education approved accrediting agency, but offer degrees through religious exemption.

Bachelors degrees issued for transfer of ISOM studies are for religious training purposes only, and may or may not be accepted for transfer into other accredited institutions or for recognition in work training requirements. For specific affiliation, and religious accreditation of partner institutions, please see their respective sites for full details. For questions commonly asked about transfer of credit with religious exempt and non-accredited degrees, see our FAQ.

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