Transfer Credit & Licensing

Various educational institutions grant credit for ISOM coursework, including Christian Leadership University and Covenant Theological Seminary who grant non-government accredited Associates-level degrees issued under a religious-exempt status.

In addition to education transferability, Elim Fellowship also considers ISOM to fulfill it’s training requirement for ministerial licensing.

Ministerial Licensing Awards & Transfer Credit


Though we make every attempt for current Partner Institutions’ transfer agreements to remain in effect, changes in association and structure sometimes alter or cancel the agreement for ISOM Students, without prior notice, and outside of Good Shepherd Ministries’ control. In such cases, GSMI will make every attempt to provide a similar alternative, but obviously no guarantees can be made.
In the United States, ISOM does not function as a recognized and/or accredited training school. Rather, it supplies curriculum materials for churches and other ministries to run their own training programs. When ISOM materials are utilized in a training capacity according to a prescribed manner, then the course material can be submitted to recognized schools and universities which may or may not accept the training for credit. Please contact our office for advice on how to use ISOM materials in the most advantageous way possible for your school or personal study.