Trimester 3

Dr. Berin GilfillanC1

Dr. Berin Gilfillan is the one God used to creat the ISOM. In this session, he shares the core of his book Unlocking the Abraham Promise and shows how the ISOM can move believers into multiplication growth.

  • Mobilize to Multiply
Cell Groups
Rev. Larry StockstillC3

Rev. Larry Stockstill pastors a 10,000-member, cell-based church. Larry has studied different models of small groups around the world. He is passionate about the discipleship and leadership training that cell structures give to a local church.

  • Purposes of Cell Groups
  • Evangelizing the Lost
  • Raising Up Leaders
  • The Principles of Multiplication
  • Great Leaders in the Church
Leaders Integrity
Dr. Jack HayfordC5
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Dr. Jack Hayford is the founding pastor of Church On The Way in California and is known as a pastor of pastors. He is internationally respected as an author, songwriter and teacher.

  • Integrity of Heart
  • A Forgiving Spirit
Church Planting
Dr. Jim FeeneyC7

Dr. Jim Feeney teaches from an academic and experiential perspective on church planting. Leaders and potential church planters discover how to practically recruit, prepare, and send teams from a local church to start healthy congregations.

  • An Overview of Church Planting
  • The Local Church as a Ministry Training Center
  • Vocational Ministries in the Local Church
  • Identifying Church-Planting Teams
  • Preparing & Sending the Church-Planting Team
Promise Keeper*
Dr. Ed ColeC9

Dr. Ed Cole was the founder and president of the Christian Mens Network. This message inspired the formation of the Promise Keeper movement. We were gratefull able to capture this message before Dr. Cole died.

  • Promise Keeper

Church-Based Training
Dr. Stan DeKovenC2

Dr. Stan DeKoven is the founder and president of Vision International Educational Network and Vision International University. His institute specializes in encouraging, assisting and accrediting church-based Bible schools.

  • Model for Ministry Training
  • The Goal and Objective of Educational Ministry
  • Planning Your Institute
Power Evangelism
Dr. Reinhard BonnkeC4
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Millions have been saved, deliverd and healed through Dr. Reinhard Bonnke ministry. Signs and wonders follow his preaching of the Gospel. Learn the secrets of evengelism from one of the most fruitful evangelists in the world today.

  • Fire Brand Evangelists
  • The Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Integrity
  • The Great Commision
  • Fire of the Holy Spirit
Leadership Vision
Dr. David ShibleyC6

Dr. David Shibley heads up Global Advance Ministries. He has written numerous books that challenge the Church to fulfill the Great Commission. He is focused on resourcing front-line shepherds and imparting vision to leaders.

  • Embracing the Vision
  • Qualities of a Visionary
  • Focusing Your Vision
  • God’s Vision and Your Vision
  • Funding the Vision
Being Led By The Spirit
Rev. Bayless ConleyC8

Rev. Bayless Conley Shares practical insights with leaders on how to be led by God’s Spirit. This is a very practical series that also deals with potential pitfalls when seeking direction. Family issues and tips on preparing messages are also covered.

  • Spirit Directed & Spirit Power
  • How God Leads Us Through Our Spirits
  • Direction in Difficult Times
  • Priorities of Life
  • Pitfalls & Dangers When Seeking for Guidance
Altar Call*
Rev. Jim CobraeC10
DVD Seminar Available. Click Here

Rev. Jim Cobrae pastors a 15,000-member church called The Rock in California. Every service closes with a powerful altar call which Rev. Cobrae never changes. The fruit is that about 250 new converts are won ever week at The Rock.

  • How to Give an Altar Call
*supplemental, limited availability, no exams