Trimester 4

Wilderness Mentalities
Dr. Joyce MeyerD1

Dr. Joyce Meyer is known for her many books and her Enjoying Everday Life© TV broadcasts. She shares the truth of God’s Word in a practical and relevant way. In this series, Joyce shows how the wrong thinking of Christians, not just the tactics of the devil, can keep them from victory and their inheritance.

  • Mindsets, Vision, and Responsibility
  • Responsibility and Trials
  • Grumbling and Impatience
  • Impatience and the Victim Mentality
  • The Victim Mentality and Self-pity
  • Self-Worth
  • Comparison, Stubbornness and Rebellion
Cell Group Leaders*
Rev. Billy HornsbyD3

Rev. Billy Hornsby has been in ministry for over 20 years. At the time of these recordings, he headed up the Bethany Cell Church Network. This movement was focused on helping hundreds of Cell Churches worldwide.

  • Effectiveness
Personal Evangelism
Rev. Ray ComfortD5

From New Zealand, Rev. Ray Comfort has written more than 40 books. He is perhaps best known for Hell’s Best Kept Secret. The videos in this series are a must as Rev. Comfort employs many amusing visual aids to get his message across.

  • Hell’s Best Kept Secret
  • Atheism
  • Militant Evangelism
  • True and False Conversion
  • How to Get on Fire for God
Authority & Forgiveness
Rev. John BevereD8

Rev. John Bevere reaches millions of people each year through books, live meetings and The Messenger TV broadcasts. His vision is to strengthen believers, awaken the lost and captive in the Church, and proclaim the knowledge of His glory to the nations.

  • The Bait of Satan
  • Under Cover

Developing Leaders
Rev. Brian HoustonD2

Rev. Brian Houston pastors the 20,000 member Hillsong church in Sydney, Australia. His TV ministry airs in 180 nations. In this series, Brian shares powerful leadership principles and shows how the heart of a leader determines their ultimate effectiveness.

  • The Heart of a Leader
  • Your Heart Determines the Course of Your Life
  • Your Heart Determines Your Success in Life
  • Leaders or Followers
  • Pitfalls of Visionaries
Dr. A.R. BernardD4

Dr. A.R. Bernard is the pastor of New York City’s largest church with 21,000 members. Few people are as qualified as he to speak on the subject of reconciliation. This course goes deeper than race and ethnicity; it also deals with natural and spiritual origins, as well as divine destiny

  • Introduction
  • Origins and Destiny
  • Fear: The Strategy of the Enemy
  • Living a Reconciled Life
Spiritual Warfare
Rev. Dean ShermanD6

Rev. Dean Sherman is an internationally-respected Bible teacher. He has taught on spiritual warfare for more than 20 years in ministries conferences, Youth With A Mission schools, and churches in over 40 countries and in all 50 states. You will appreciate Dean’s down-to-earth and solid approach on this crucial topic.

  • The Biblical Foundation
  • Understanding Spiritual Warfare
  • Warfare Prayer and the Gates of Hell
  • Crashing the Gates of Hell
  • Exercising Authority in Society
Spiritual Breakthrough
Dr. Marilyn HickeyD9

Dr. Marilyn Hickey has been the invited guest of government leaders and heads of state from nations all over the world. She is a pioneer teacher of God’s Word with a huge heart for missions. Her TV program Today with Marilyn and Sarah is seen globally. In this series she shares some of her signature messages.

  • Bible Memorization Part 1
  • Bible Memorization Part 2
  • Breaking Generational Curses
*supplemental, limited availability, no exams