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from ISOM Founders Dr. Berin & Lisa Gilfillan

One of the most powerful missionary support stories I ever heard came out of a small church in the mountains of West Virginia. There served a faithful elderly couple who for years had sown just $10 a month into world missions. The wife was the church organist and the husband was the choir director. After the husband passed away, a financial planner came to help the wife restructure her finances. Because of her reduced budget, one of the first things to go was the $10 support for world missions. Three months later the pastor was awakened at midnight with a frantic call from the wife. “Pastor,” she said, “I must come to your house immediately to pay the past three months of missed missions support.” He told her to give it the following Sunday but a short while later she was at his door with $30 in hand. Breathless she explained a supernatural dream she had just experienced. “I saw my husband in heaven,” she said. “He was leading a huge choir of people, and those people were clearly from many different nations. ‘Who are those people?’ I asked the Lord. ‘They are those who were reached with your faithful $10 a month of missions giving,’ He answered.”

Just $10/month

for one year

Edmund Burke once wrote: “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” I pray this new WMP program will help everyone step out in faith and be a part of reaching this world for Christ. What can $10 a month do for world missions? A lot through Good Shepherd in over 70 languages and in the 146 countries we currently work in. Our daily focus as a ministry is to disciple the nations and to make ISOM Bible training available and affordable to every believer on earth. Just $10 a month will help our team of about 30 workers to do everything from language translation for unreached people groups to reaching teens in Brazil. It will help us develop new content for the underground church in China, provide solar backpacks and community development material for the poor, confront suicide around the world, and harness technology to help persecuted believers in many nations. These are just a few of the world mission projects we are engaged with. When anyone pledges $10 a month for a year, in addition to you helping us with all of the above, you will enable us to sow a complete foreign language ISOM Bible school on your behalf into a persecuted country or unreached people group. $20/month will enable two schools to be placed…you get the picture. So participate in the end-time harvest, become a World Missions Partner (WMP) and make at least a $10/month world missions pledge today. In eternity you will NEVER regret it.

Our Gift to You

with an annual pledge of $10/month

For becoming a World Missions Partner (WMP) today, while stocks last, we will send you a free copy of the new book about the life of Zhang Rongliang called “I Stand with Christ.” Zhang is the founder and leader of the Fangcheng, said by many to be China’s largest underground house church network. ISOM has helped train over 13,000 of the Fang-cheng leadership. So captivating was this book to me that when Zhang gave me one of his only two copies while I was recently with him in China, I devoured the entire 239-page book in two days. Zhang’s 15 years in prison and the torture and hardship he endured deeply impacted my life and steeled my resolve to help persecuted believers around the world. This WMP project was birthed there in China during the time I was invited to speak to the Fangcheng leadership from 23 of China’s provinces. Lisa and I pray his story will be as inspiring to you as it has been to us.

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