Welcome to Women of the World!

Many times, women are the most under-appreciated and marginalized members of God’s family. For this reason, we have designed a curriculum done by women and for women. Our desire is to encourage, empower and equip God’s daughters in countries around the world.

WOW Volumes 1 & 2 are now available, but we also are excited for the 2010 launch of Community Development BOKS (Building Others through Knowledge and Service) under the same WOW vision. This practical and life-changing series expands WOW’s scope of influence and targets underprivileged communities globally, providing powerful material to reach and teach those in need of help.

Our vision for WOW is to help restore people in every area of life. Please join the WOW vision and help transform nations both spiritually and practically.

Dr. Rev. Lisa Gilfillan
Founder of WOW

Community Development BOKS
Looking across the globe, our hearts are touched with the plight of women, especially those in the Developing World. After much prayer and preserverance, Women of the World is reaching out to help needy communities, both spiritually and physically. God loves people, and He desires to save their natural lives and their eternal souls. We want to help restore people in every area of life. From this perspective, the Community Development BOKS was created as a tool to help with basic human needs. Just like the ISOM, we draw on instructors’ life messages and areas of expertise. What has been captured is practical, life-skill knowledge from a hands-on, professional perspective.

WOW Testimony
The women in our church had come to a place of freedom, but I realized that I was responsible to continue their growth by equipping them with sound teaching. My husband and I made this a matter of prayer and, while on vacation, we were introduced to the “Women of the World” DVD teaching series. We both immediately sensed this was our answer, and I began holding bi-weekly women’s ministry meetings, using the DVD’s we purchased. The response and the results still astound me. We continue to follow a simple format–worship, show the DVD, have a short coffee break and form small groups to go through the questions provided with the written material. I could prepare and teach this same material, but why, when at minimal cost we can bring in some of God’s leading women to share boldly messages that are being taught worldwide. The women that attend are from many nations, and knowing that the DVD’s we’re receiving from could be shown in their country is encouraging as well as unifying. Thank you for your efforts, cost and sacrifice you have done to bring this to the Body of Christ. The women at Coastal Church say THANK YOU!
Rev. Cheryl Koop – Coastal Church, Vancouver, Canada

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